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Welcome to the members-only page for the AoA. Here you can access private guild areas as well as private Federation areas. Federation areas that were previously available to the public are now being taken off of the main site in order to attract more members and insure a sense of privacy. If any of you feel that an item should be taken off/added to the main Federation pages, please e-mail the webmaster and he will take care of it shortly. Right now only the Academy and the information about the Federation IRC chat room are especially available to members but shortly there will be much more.

Guild News
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Federation Links
The Academy
Come to the Academy to learn how to play Neverwinter Nights. The Academy includes lessons on the basics of NWN; i. e. background info, the game interface, etc., as well as lessons on specific classes. Come here if you are a newcomer and wish to learn more about Neverwinter Nights.

Chat Room
This page has information on how to access the Federation chat room on mIRC. Includes step-by-step instructions and a download site.

Guild Links
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-New gameplay movie-

-NWN Toolset Beta announced-

-BETA TEST!!!!!!-

-New character portraits-


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