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Character Creation

Character creation is a great way to express your creativity. In the previous Bioware RPG games, character creation was a quick and easy to create a character to play as in the game. The same case is with Neverwinter Nights.

Character creation is basically picking a race, a class, and attributes for your character. There are 6 different attributes that you can pick for your character. These are:

Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.

Each class has a different prime requisite for attributes. For example, a Fighter's prime requisite is Strength; and a Paladin's prime requisite is Charisma. So, before you put super high strength on your mage or thief, remember what the prime requisite for that specific class is. The prime requisite should be the highest number out of all of the attributes.

Weapon Proficiencies

When you are creating your character, you get to choose the weapons in which the character will specialize in. Fighters have the most range of weapons to choose from, but other classes have many weapons as well. Fighters also have the most points in the bank in which they draw from to put one point by a specific weapon. Mages have the least, with only two.

Character Clothing

Your character's clothing has nothing to do with his/her performance in the game; only his/her looks. In Neverwinter Nights, you can choose hair tone, flesh tone, two armor colors, and two clothing colors.

Character Name

Your character's name, like his/her clothing, has nothing to do with the performance of your character; only what people will call him/her over the course of the game. Most people use a technique that I call "Word Change." Here is what you do:

Take any word in any language that is somewhat easy to pronounce. It can be anything as simple as the word "open," from which  Opan got his name, but don't make it to complex. Next, substitute some vowels in the word with other vowels. If it still doesn't sound good enough, you can switch some of the syllables around. For example, "Opan" would be "Pano" or "Pona." If it still doesn't work, you can choose from these options:

-Choose a new word and start over

-Add a syllable from a different word

-Repeat the process

Last names are usually optional, and some people put titles after their character's names, such as "Kernak the Bold," or "Fror the Avenger."

Remember to use your imagination!