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Game Basics

Background Information

Neverwinter Nights is a Role-Playing Game being developed by Bioware and being released by Infogrames. The main focus of this game was to bring pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons to the PC. Though the game can be played single-player as well, it is mainly for multiplayer. It is equipped with a map editor that lets dungeon masters (DMs) create their own worlds for other players to play in. The DMs can control their world, and do things such as possess an NPC (non-player character) and talk to a PC (player character,) or spawn monsters and add items in/at a specific location. The DM is basically like a god. Worlds can be linked by portals, so players can travel from one world to another without logging on to a different server.

Game Basics

Worlds in Neverwinter Nights are like ongoing fantasy stories. New quests will be added constantly by the DM and new players from all over the world will be playing along side you. The main object in DM made modules (worlds) is to level up your character, complete quests, and have fun. Some modules will have storylines to them, but modules will mostly be vast worlds with tons of quests and monsters that are mainly just for having fun kicking some monster's ass and going spelunking in unknown caves. Of course, there is more to it then that, but you get the idea.

Game Features

Neverwinter Nights features many things that are new to RPG games. Here they are, not in any order:
-Map Editor-
-Shadows that affect the character-
-Environment Mapping (allows the game per-pixel control of the environment; i.e. making metal armor shine and look like metal armor in real life)
-DM created worlds-
-Unlimited gameplay-

There are many more that I can't name at the moment. You will figure them out once the game comes out. The assumed release date of NWN is Summer, 2002. Let's hope this holds.