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Clerics and Druids, along with Mages and Sorcerers, are the only classes in the game that can cast spells from the start. (Rangers and Paladins can cast some spells, but only at later levels.) There are different spells for Clerics and Druids than there are for Mages and Sorcerers. Cleric and Druid spells are called "Priest Spells" while Mage and Sorcerer spells are called "Mage Spells." Monks are a type of priests which have no spell casting ability. However, they make excellent warriors, even with their bare hands.

Here is a list of all Priest spells (in Baldur's Gate II; NWN spells are currently unreleased):


-Level 1- -Level 2- -Level 3- -Level 4- -Level 5- -Level 6- -Level 7-


Druids are priests of nature and guardians of the wilderness. Druids can only be of True Neutral alignment. Available to the druid are natural armors like leather armor and wooden shields, and a few weapons that are not necessarily blunt, including the scimitar. Druids can only cast spells from the All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, and Weather spheres as well as minor access to the Divination sphere. Druids cannot Turn Undead. Beginning at 7th level, druids gain the ability to shapeshift into animals present in Baldur's Gate (excluding birds). The minimum abilities to become a druid are 12 wisdom and 15 charisma. Wisdom and charisma are prime requisites for druids. Skills from AD&D that are not implemented in BG: Pass Without a Trace, Identify Plants and Animals, knowledge of woodland creature languages (there are no languages in BG) and immunity to woodland creature charm spells.


Clerics have spells bestowed on them by their deity and can fight wearing armor and use crushing (no edged or pointed) weapons. Clerics can cast all priest spells except those from Animal, Plant or Weather spheres and have only minor access to the Elemental sphere, restricting them to Elemental spells of 3rd or lower level. Clerics also have the ability to Turn Undead. The prime requisite for clerics is wisdom with a minimum score of 9 being the only requirement to become a cleric. Priests of specific mythoi are not currently implemented in BG.


Monks are warriors who pursue perfection through contemplation as well as action. They are versatile fighters, especially skilled in combat without weapons or armor. Though monks cannot cast spells, they have a unique magic of their own. They channel a subtle energy, called Ki, which allows them to perform amazing feats. The monk's best known feat is their ability to stun an opponent with an unarmed blow. The monk has a unique avatar.