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Join Confirmation

Here is where you can join GoF. Before you start, you should probably look at the Divisions, Ranks, and Rules pages and make sure you know everything and are okay with it. Also, if you haven't already, look at the "How do I join" section of the Guild Info page. This includes some handy information about joining the guild. After you've done all that, you should fill out the form below.

Note: Fields marked with a * are required

*Character's Name (your member name)
*Your E-mail Address
*Which division do you want to be in?

*What do you want your password to be? (must be 8 characters)

More Contact Information
Your ICQ #
Your AOL/AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name
Your MSN Screen Name

Character Information
*Your Character's Race
*Your Character's Class
*Your Character's Gender
*Your Character's Alignment
Your Character's Story/Biography

Other Information
*What time zone are you in (for meeting scheduling purposes)? 

*What do you expect from the GoF?