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NWN Sites

Fan Sites
Planet Neverwinter
One of the top NWN websites. Has everything from recent news to scripts to guild lists.

Neverwinter Vault
Also a top-notch NWN site. Has more content than Planet Neverwinter but is not as organized.

Neverwinter Nexus
A well-known site that is well maintained. It has some work to do before it can compete with NW Vault and Planet Neverwinter though.

Neverwinter Haven
A great site with a great database system.

Ancient Dragon Order
This is a clan where everybody can join whoever they are. All races and classes are allowed and you can be any alignment. Join and have some fun.

Army of Arcanek
A relatively new guild that is sleeping at the moment. The website is being redone and some changes are being made so it might end up better.

Brothers in Arms
(Description coming)

Control is a guild for the upcoming game  Neverwinter Nights.  Neverwinter Nights (NWN for short) is based on the latest 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules and should offer players an excellent role-playing experience. Control is open to everyone. Whether you have been playing RPGs for a number of years or are just getting started, there is a place for you here. Control welcomes characters of all classes, races, and alignments; with a chance for any member to excel and work their way up through the guild's ranks.

Evil hearts joined together by a common goal. United in an unholy war waged against the very fabric of goodness. The shackles of mistrust and selfishness are broken, thus creating the most powerful force in the known multiverse...
The desire for power binds us. The eternal battle rages all around. Strong are the armies of light but they shall not prevail. In the end, as intended before the birth of the stars, the darkness shall be triumphant...
With the sweep of the blade and the flow of the crimson tide, the world will come to understand. Stand back all ye and tremble, for we are Liquid, and even the gods themselves shy away at our greatness...

Order of Holy Light
A good-aligned guild primarily composed of paladins.

Wino's Wanderers