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General Federation Rules



  • All guild leaders or reps must make weekly brief status reports of their guilds with a director.

  • Each guild must have at least 5 active members on the forums, excluding the leader, in order to remain active in the Federation.

  • All council members must vote on 2 out of every 3 matters for them to remain in the council. Any councillor who does not comply with this law will be replaced with another rep specified by the guild leader.


  • If a guild attacks 2 or more guilds in the Federation then it is considered a direct attack on the Federation, and the Director of War will act accordingly.

  • If a Federation guild is at war then they can ask the council for help and they will vote on it with the same procedures as voting on a law. If they approve then the Director of War will act accordingly.

  • If a guild allies with only one guild of the Federation then it is not considered an ally of the Federation and therefore we are not obligated to help it in a time of need. 

  • If a guild wants to ally with the entire Federation, the matter is proposed before the Council. If it is approved, then the guild will not enjoy the benefits of being in the Federation but we will help them in times of need, just as they will help us.


  • Hacking will not be tolerated at any time. The security of our servers, website, and in the game will be taken care of by the Director of Security.

  • Cheating will also not be tolerated, with the exception of the exp. cap remover. The responsible party will be banned from the server for a set amount of time. (will be decided by judges.)

  • Any Federation member that does not comply with laws will be punished by the Judicial department.

  • Bad mouthing another member, especially an official, will not be tolerated at all and a severe punishment will be decided by the Judicial department.



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