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Government System


Government Hierarchy

Consists of 1-2 reps from each guild, depends on length of membership. Passes new laws for the Federation.

Consists of Chairman Opan and the Board of Directors. The Directors run the Federation Staff and the Chairman oversees everything to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Council Voting System

A council member proposes a law to the council on the council forums. For three days, council members may prepare arguments and post them in the thread. There will be no voting at this time. After the three day period, the person who proposed the law will call for the question, and voting will begin. All voting threads, after voting begins, are only permitted to have posts that generally say "yes, I agree" or "no, I disagree" and give reasons for the decision.
There will be a seven-day period for voting, and after that the thread will be closed and the decision made.

A 2/3 approval of all council members that voted is required to pass the law.

If the vote is even, then the thread will be opened for discussion for three more days, and then the person who proposed the law will once again call for the question. All former votes will be deleted. After the third time of being tied, the matter will either be closed, or the council members can call the Chairman to force the decision.




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