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Guild Initiation Rules


Interview with Guild Leader

Done on ICQ, MSN, or AIM by a director.


How many members do you have?

Are most, if not all of your members active?
(interviewer may have to define active: posting on forums, keeping in touch with leader, etc.)

Have you had any trouble with any of your members or any other guilds?

Are you a responsible leader?
i.e. willing to keep in touch with the Federation officials, posting on forums frequently, etc.

Background Check of Leader(s) and High-Ranking Guild Members

Done by agent(s) in the Judicial Branch of the government.


Posting History
Check most, if not all, of NWN fan site boards as well as some popular guild boards (i.e. Liquid, Control) for posts that may be substantial in the vote.

Activity on Guild Message Board
Make sure they post frequently enough to be recognized as active.

Knowledge of RPGing
Check if they are going out randomly declaring war on people, also make sure that they know their character and plan to play it. (Example: Markeeg from Morgrim. First, he has yet to realize that the Federation is 20 times the size of his guild. Second, he should look up the definition of mercenary, because that's what his character and guild supposedly are.)

Verify Claims Made in Interview
Check to make sure all claims in interview are true. This will involve checking the number of members, checking the activity on the message boards, checking for renegade members, etc.

All Information Acquired Must be Posted on the Council and BoD Forums

The Council and BoD Must Approve the Entry of the Guild Unanimously








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