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Job Descriptions (Organization Chart)


Facilitates the Council and Board of Directors. Can vote to force the decision in the Council.

Director of Public Affairs
Commands e-mail answerers and runs advertising.

E-Mail Answerers
Answer e-mails using the templates provided. Alert Council and Board of Directors if any input is required.

Post on NWN Forums, send e-mails to NWN Sites, coordinate with Graphic Designers and Webmasters to exchange banners and links with other sites.

Director of Security
Runs security, appoints members of Judicial Branch of the government. Secures website and forums.

Only 3 spots available.
Do background checks on applicant guilds in coordination with E-Mail Answerers.

Only 2 spots available. Meet and discuss punishments for crimes against the Federation. Also organize information gained during background checks to present to the council.

Director of Design
Head of webmasters and graphic designers. Keeps the Federation website and forums looking good.

Design and update the website.

Graphic Designers
Design Buttons, Banners, Logos, etc. for the website and forums.

Director of War
General of the Federation Army. Makes battle plans, does negotiations with enemies.

(Jobs are only available through appointment by the Director.)


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